Psychic Consult and Energy Work

The Sessions

Psychic Consult and Energy Work sessions provide a supportive boost when you’re feeling stuck and want a breakthrough or when you feel ready for clearing and a multidimensional up-level.

The sessions are co-created. You’re in charge of what shows up through your intention and focus and I gently help facilitate the clearing, healing, and multidimensional up-levels that are presented by the Spirit Team during the session. You’re going to get the most benefit when you’re ready, willing and open to receive the energy work and then use the guidance that comes through for you.

The energy work and psychic guidance work in synergy. The Energy Work supports your intentions and what we discuss in the Psychic Consult, and the guidance provides context and insight to help you move forward in the energy potential created.

What to Expect During Your Session

Angela K Rider in living room PortraitYour energy field opens as we have a conversation about what’s going on in your life, how you feel stuck, or what changes you’d like to create. As we talk, I’ll provide the psychic guidance that comes through and describe the Spirit Team energy work that’s happening in your body and energy field.

The energy work clears blocks, opens channels, and brings your multi-dimensional gifts online so you can connect more deeply to your own Inner-guidance and spirit guides. My voice has a transformational energy potential that helps facilitate clearing, healing, and the integration of any multidimensional up-levels while I provide the Psychic Consult that supports the changes you want to create in your life.

You may feel different sensations, emotional releases, or nothing at all. Most people are aware of the energy movements in some way. You may experience it as focused energy points in the body, tingling or popping sensations, temperature changes, or like energy waves moving through or around you. Many people describe a weight releasing off them and they feel lighter, yet grounded and fully present in their body.

Single and Series Sessions

Every 60-minute session is complete in and of itself although, a series of sessions allows for deeper clearing, healing, and support for integration. Additional sessions can also include training for clearing practices to do on your own.

Sessions are available by phone (U.S. only) or Skype, and I have some in-person availability. All sessions are scheduled as Pacific Time.

Special Note for Multidimensional Workers: I find for myself and others that are engaged in any type of personal or professional multidimensional work (including psychic, energy, or healing work), that an ongoing self-clearing practice more specific to that work is required. I can teach these practices to you in a separate session.

More about the Sessions

What are Energy Blocks?

I use the simple term “energy blocks’ to describe the complex layers and energy constructs enmeshed in the body and energy fields that limit our potential and capacity for growth and our soul-evolution journey. 

Energy blocks can originate in this lifetime, other lifetimes or timelines, and other dimensions and realms. They can be caused by one or multiple events and have a myriad of components and layers. The focus is to dissolve these energy constructs in whatever form they present during a session. An easy way to think of them is as if they are old stories or legacy code (for you computer geeks) that are ready to be cleared out of your system.  

What are Up-levels and Gifts?

Every session creates multiple recalibrations in your energy field to bring more wholeness and your unique YOU-ness back on-line. One of the most helpful recalibrations, improves your inner-guidance and spirit guide connections. Some up-levels that may occur are uploads of light-codes and attunements for expanding your multidimensionality and integration of these gifts as you move forward.

About the Spirit Team

I use the inclusive term “Spirit Team” because there are several types of benevolent helpers that show up depending on what’s happening in a session. I work with Light-Beings, Spirit Doctors, and Galactic Shaman for the energy work, and other spirit realm guides, teachers, and healers, and angels that may assist and bring through guidance. Your own spirit guides support the process and of course go with you at the end of the session.

Are you Haunted?

Pretty much anyone that has an intact memory is haunted by their past. We all have memories that makes us shudder every time we think about them. But there are also old energy “hauntings” that we came into this life with.

These are just a few ways these old energies may show up for you.

  • Something just comes over you and you start to self-sabotage
  • Everything inexplicably dries up when you start to get a bit of success
  • You avoid getting too much attention, even the good kind
  • Your throat tightens and you can’t speak what is true for you
  • You repeatedly create unhealthy relationship patterns

It’s important to clear and release these old energies to have better access to your own inner-guidance and not be dimmed or sabotaged by these stuck energy patterns and blocks.

In the following video excerpt, I discuss a little bit about the past-life energy work I’ve done for myself and my clients.

Session Recording

I offer to record your session so you can be fully present and not distracted by taking notes. Recordings contain much of the same energy that was present during the session. You may want to listen to the session again to help with the integration and to review the guidance provided.

Should it ever happen that there is a failure with a recording, trust that you received what you needed during the session and listening to it again isn't necessary. That said, you’re welcome to take notes and record on your own device to ensure you get what you need.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments must be paid for prior to your appointment. 

A full refund will be given or you may reschedule (one time only) provided you cancel at least 1-hour in advance of your scheduled appointment time. A fee of $20 will apply to any appointments canceled less than 1-hour prior to your scheduled time.

If I need to cancel an appointment, I will provide you with as much notice as possible. You will be entitled to a complete refund or you may reschedule your appointment.