Shift Happens!

Mentoring Sessions for Intuition, Energy Work, and Psychic Development

Some Benefits of Following Your Intuition and Developing Your Psychic and Energy Work Skills:

  • Increased Inspiration and Creativity
  • Make Better Decisions Easily
  • Clarity and Insight into Your Purpose and Desires
  • Feel more Peaceful and Calm
  • Resolve and Release Painful Situations
  • Identify and Quickly Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Attract Opportunities, Money, and Support
  • Enjoy a Thriving Life

Get started creating the future you want.

The Shift Happens! sessions are a lot like the Psychic Consult and Energy Work sessions. You'll receive deeper cumulative clearing and multidimensional connections through this series while you learn effective tools and practices to develop your intuition, psychic gifts, and energy work skills.

Each session is designed to build toward your goals and is also dependent upon your practice and commitment. The “Spirit Team” assists in the sessions for teaching and guidance. They also facilitate clearing, multidimensional up-levels and attunements to support you.

The “Spirit Team” consists of several types of benevolent helpers that show up depending on what’s happening in a session. I work with Light-Beings, Spirit Doctors, and Galactic Shaman for the energy work, and other spirit realm guides, teachers, and healers, that may assist and bring through guidance and teachings. Your own spirit guides support the process and of course go with you at the end of the session.

I'm so excited to share this work!

I love learning and am on a committed path for my own continued self-development and soul-evolution. I've gotten a lot out of the classes I've taken and books I've read, but nothing compares to one-on-one work to create results. That's why I love this series work. It's a multidimensional soul-evolutionary journey that is unique to you. That's something that a program or book just can't do.

You're going to receive deep clearing, multidimensional up levels, and improved connection to your Inner-Self while you learn to move through and clear old energy blocks, limiting thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.  When you can trust own Inner-knowing and guidance, you can make choices more easily and aligned to create a life you love and enjoy.

The Sessions

12 Shift Sessions

Each session is 90 minutes. The sessions build on one another and it’s important to maintain that energy field potential, so we’ll set a weekly reserved time that works for both of us. There’s some flexibility for us to change dates and times as well as allow for extra time between some sessions. (Flaking out - is not an option.) Homework will be based on what comes up during these sessions.

Bonus Support

I often provide additional materials, practices, and recorded meditations outside of the regularly scheduled sessions. No charge for the extra love.

Shift Happens! 12 Session Series: $3,497

The Shift Happens! sessions may be in-person or by phone or Skype.

Our First Date

These sessions can get pretty nitty-gritty personal so let's confirm that we're a good match to work together. Contact me to set up a free, short consultation.

If we like our first date and you want to do a Shift Happens! series, I'll send you an agreement letter to sign and an on-line invoice.

Praise for Shift Happens!

I feel guided, blessed, and more trusting of myself

I feel guided, blessed, and more trusting of myself

SM Testimonial Circle Icon

After completing my three-month ‘Shift Happens!’ mentoring series with Angela, I can honestly say that I fulfilled all of the objectives that I had going into the program, and that I had even more success than I had ever wished for or imagined!

Angela consistently used helpful, well thought out, clearly explained materials and assignments to coach me through the process of awakening and developing my intuitive senses. As an empath and a highly sensitive person, I was mired in others’ energy to the point where I was taking it on as my own and then reacting to it. Angela taught me how to clear — almost instantaneously — this extraneous energy for myself and for my space, and she coached me on multiple methods of grounding and self-protection to ensure that the issue doesn’t influence me negatively in the future. This alone, given the magnitude of its effects in my life, would have made the program worth the cost and effort I put into it. Yet that was just one small piece of the program that Angela put together for me.

The high level and advanced nature of the attunements provided by Angela in connection with my training were apparent and the results immediate. She helped me to clear a number of blockages that I had unconsciously established for myself; clearing those blockages allowed me to hone my skills to a much higher level than I would have been able to previously. The work done by Angela in connection with spirit world was perfectly arranged for me; perfectly timed for my development; and perfectly in tune with my needs, desires, and talents. I used automatic writing to communicate with spirit world directly; I increased my ability to sense energy in multiple dimensions; I learned and improved upon an energy-healing modality; and I underwent past-life viewing and clearing to dissolve self-limiting beliefs and patterns that had been brought forward and were no longer serving my highest good. Those are just the highlights; my spiritual, psychic, and intuitive development throughout this course was continuous and progressive.

I also appreciated Angela’s extra emails and suggestions in between meetings as well as her constant willingness to answer questions of mine. Angela served as a wonderful mentor who truly seemed to have my best interests in mind. In fact, even since completing my training, she has emailed me with suggestions that she believed would help me in my path. Such dedication to one’s clients is difficult to find today, and Angela’s diligent care is very much appreciated.

As a former scientist, Angela marries the best of her logical left brain with the best of her intuitive right brain, coming to a perfect blend of “practical magic” that worked tremendously well for me. I now have enhanced clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudient abilities. I have developed multidimensional relationships that I had blocked myself from experiencing before. I feel more aware, more in tune with my surroundings, and more confident in myself and in my approach to life. I feel guided, blessed, and more trusting of myself, my life path, and the universe since working with Angela. The types of results that I experienced are, in my eyes, truly priceless.

Thank you, Angela!

Portland, Oregon

Angela aims to wake her clients up

Angela aims to wake her clients up

SM Testimonial Circle Icon

I first encountered Angela a couple of years ago for a Tarot reading. It completely exceeded my expectations and transformed my understanding of what a psychic reading is — no cliches, no predictions, no doom and gloom. Instead, Angela was insightful, grounded, and spunky! Beyond the seamless way in which she intertwined the imagery and symbolism of the cards with her own intuitive interpretation (seriously, mind-blowing), she emphasized the potential for positive growth and encouraged me to acknowledge that in myself. I’ve since come back for multiple readings, and each time left feeling realigned to my desires and inspired to maintain the perspective gained.

Once Angela created the Shift Happens! series, it was an immediate and easy “yes” for me to take part! Her style of reading Tarot transferred into this series and expanded to allow for more spontaneity and flow and for other modalities like Astrology and energy work. Each session felt perfectly designed for me. That’s due to Angela’s unique ability to tune in to where you are on your path, to cipher out the information that is most relevant and beneficial to your growth in that moment, and to communicate those transmissions in a clear, non-judgmental way. Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor that never ceases to lighten the atmosphere! She also appreciates timing and is sensitive to what her client is ready to hear. There were moments when I realized a pattern I repeated and that the solution was something Angela had expressed months earlier, and frequently. As a result, I’ve come to deeply value her patience and understanding.

By doing her intuitive “tune-in” thing, Angela recognizes the most authentic version of yourself (your best, highest self!) and all of the untapped, exciting (aka juicy) potential that you may or may not yet see. This seems to be at the heart of Angela’s work; she aims to wake her clients up to their unique brilliance and she does so by helping them to empower themselves. Before realizing that this was the ultimate goal, I sub-consciously believed that healers like Angela hold some ability to impart awareness, or to heal their clients with their special gifts, and a part of me was waiting for that to happen. While Angela is totally gifted (!), I learned through this process that healing requires taking responsibility for doing the personal work, and by learning this, I began to trust myself. That is why if you are looking to shift long-term patterns and really empower yourself, this series is especially potent. One, because the series is longer and allows for you to process and for new awareness to set in, and two, because Angela will hold you accountable. She’s pretty damn fierce and she wants you to be too! If you show up in this work, Angela will provide you with endless resources and support so that when the sessions are over, you feel confident to continue the healing process independently. I can’t recommend her enough!

Michelle W.
Portland, Oregon

I can't recommend it enough

I can’t recommend it enough

SM Testimonial Circle Icon

This Shift Happens! journey with Angela has been so enlightening and motivating, I can’t recommend it enough. So many synchronicities have happened between the downloads that Angela received and what appeared from my homework it has been amazing. Suggestions and responses between us have happened like a perfect rally in a tennis game where the joy of call and response is the total focus. Angela’s framework for this journey, where all that we talked about was grounded in the physical world, has been inspirational.

I have moved from a “I’m going to do it some day” kind of person to doing it. So thank you, Angela, for your wonderful enthusiasm, encouragement and direction – (Jupiter and Saturn beautifully packaged)!

Christine Cook
Portland, Oregon

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