How to Channel Written Guidance

One of the best ways I get guidance is to have a Spirit Team meeting. I call in the specialist guides that are signed up to support me in a certain area of life and I do a channeled writing Q&A session.

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Healing and Clearing Audio Session

I was inspired to revisit a clearing and healing session that I gave to a friend this past summer. She felt that this mini-session helped her and her family so much that she had suggested months ago that I should share it on my site.

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Small Steps – Create Change

Whether you’re feeling your Manifestation Mojo or are feeling too overwhelmed to think about what day it is, the easiest way to create change and get some Good-Vibes going is to build it into whatever you’re already doing anyway.

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The Secret to My Super Power

Watch my video on the first steps to building your superpowers to create the life you love! You can do it – once step at a time.

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Drawing a Blank – Angel Card

When I’m struggling getting clarity on a situation, I draw a card and use that word as a starting point. Many people don’t like drawing the blank card.

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Green Grasses

How to Set Yourself up for a Great Reading

When you take time to think about the questions you want to ask, you create the intention and energy to have a clearer reading and get more useful information.

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