Angela aims to wake her clients up

I first encountered Angela a couple of years ago for a Tarot reading. It completely exceeded my expectations and transformed my understanding of what a psychic reading is — no cliches, no predictions, no doom and gloom. Instead, Angela was insightful, grounded, and spunky! Beyond the seamless way in which she intertwined the imagery and symbolism of the cards with her own intuitive interpretation (seriously, mind-blowing), she emphasized the potential for positive growth and encouraged me to acknowledge that in myself. I’ve since come back for multiple readings, and each time left feeling realigned to my desires and inspired to maintain the perspective gained.

Once Angela created the Shift Happens! series, it was an immediate and easy “yes” for me to take part! Her style of reading Tarot transferred into this series and expanded to allow for more spontaneity and flow and for other modalities like Astrology and energy work. Each session felt perfectly designed for me. That’s due to Angela’s unique ability to tune in to where you are on your path, to cipher out the information that is most relevant and beneficial to your growth in that moment, and to communicate those transmissions in a clear, non-judgmental way. Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor that never ceases to lighten the atmosphere! She also appreciates timing and is sensitive to what her client is ready to hear. There were moments when I realized a pattern I repeated and that the solution was something Angela had expressed months earlier, and frequently. As a result, I’ve come to deeply value her patience and understanding.

By doing her intuitive “tune-in” thing, Angela recognizes the most authentic version of yourself (your best, highest self!) and all of the untapped, exciting (aka juicy) potential that you may or may not yet see. This seems to be at the heart of Angela’s work; she aims to wake her clients up to their unique brilliance and she does so by helping them to empower themselves. Before realizing that this was the ultimate goal, I sub-consciously believed that healers like Angela hold some ability to impart awareness, or to heal their clients with their special gifts, and a part of me was waiting for that to happen. While Angela is totally gifted (!), I learned through this process that healing requires taking responsibility for doing the personal work, and by learning this, I began to trust myself. That is why if you are looking to shift long-term patterns and really empower yourself, this series is especially potent. One, because the series is longer and allows for you to process and for new awareness to set in, and two, because Angela will hold you accountable. She’s pretty damn fierce and she wants you to be too! If you show up in this work, Angela will provide you with endless resources and support so that when the sessions are over, you feel confident to continue the healing process independently. I can’t recommend her enough!

Michelle W.
Portland, Oregon